Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i'm here. totally overwhelmed at the moment. the response to has been truly amazing. we've sold quite a few and have taken lots of custom orders. thank you, again to everyone who helped get the word out. we are already coming up with some new designs to meet the demands of our customers - - wow. we have customers. so crazy. oh yeah, if you can, email us here to get yourself on the mailing list. we will have some special offers and we will let you know when we put up new ban.dos - - and we may just email you to say hi. who knows. ok. i know i have more stuff to tell you, but i can't think. hmmmmmmmmmm.? i guess it will have to wait.

ps. this is another image from this month's issue of mankind mag.


awalk said...
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awalk said...

good luck in all of your endeavors. Yep, it can be stressful. At times, we want to do it all and want it all done now!

Just focus on the important stuff and say no every once in a while.

Holly said...

i think i have read about on about every blog in the sphere, YAY! congrats to you, they are gorgeous. :)

lisa durow said...

love your and your blog.

rebekka at The Sugar Bar said...

It's the best thing ever.

libbydibby said...

this is fun!... i was at my friend's house the other day and she was showing me Mankind.... and telling me about how HER friend was making it and how her hubby did the new mankind site ... and then I saw your photos in it and remembered that i'd just started peeking in on your blog... weird... so is that only one degree of separation? or two?

Anonymous said...

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