Tuesday, October 7, 2008

still away

hi. how are you? i'm still away on that job in san diego. i've convinced them to let me come in early to the studio and use the computer here to blog. they made fun of me. they always make fun of me. i will try to post again this week. and jamie and i have been posting over here.

this was the wall outside our neighborhood market in paris. ahhhh. i miss paris.


Chris said...

Why do they make fun of you for blogging?

Pretty image :)

design for mankind. said...

Miss you my dear... :)

Leigh said...

Beautiful and I ahh, how I miss Paris as well.

la la Lovely said...

Just wanted to say, like everyone else, I LOVE your photos.. they are so gorgeous & magical. I did a post on your work (hope that is ok) over at my site and am adding you to my blogroll.
x Trina
la la Lovely

Jimena said...


I know I'm not the first one to say this, but I truly love your photos.
I'm starting a new blog (my current one just doesn't feel lik me) and I would love to use some of your photos in my header. Of course there would be a link to your blog and full credit.

Let me know if you are ok with the idea. If you're not, I would completely understand.

Cheers, J.

Jimena said...

by the way... this is where you can see what the header would look like.
let me know if its ok!
x jim

stacy said...

ahh, i miss paris too.

p.s. I am starting a gift exchange and think you might want to participate. You can find the details at my blog here

Anonymous said...

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