Tuesday, February 26, 2008

diptych of the day

Seeing as I am still feeling quite sick, I have decided to tele-transport myself to a happier time and place. Las Vegas, 2004 and the now defunct Stardust hotel and casino.
Aaahhhh, yes. I feel better now.

More of my diptychs here.


Katrina said...

just visiting your blog for the first time. your banner has me swooning. gorgeous, gorgeous.

MeganTMcC said...

I am such a moron that not only do I not know what a diptych is, I tried to post my question before and kept screwing it up. So... is diptych something I should have learned in my encyclopedia of cultural literacy?

diana said...

love your blog. love the polaroids. just love the colour and precious nature of polaroids.

Chelsea said...

Feel better!