Tuesday, February 12, 2008

planet earth

i bought the dvd series planet earth quite a while ago with the full intention of watching every last one and thus becoming a much smarter person. this did not happen, but yesterday i got the idea to take photos of some of the images. there must be a law that i am breaking. polaroid criminal. awesome.


jen said...

oh i heart planet earth! this is stunning.

bronwyn said...

Hi there! These are beautiful. I have planet earth on it's way to me from netflix. Lovely blog.

design for mankind. said...

WOW--- thanks for your comment; I am LOVING this blog!!! Great banner and I love your little clock! :)


Taylor said...

Hey Jen,

This is Taylor from the LeBron shoot, remember me? So, here's the deal... I'm in LA on a shoot, and we leave tomorrow night for Austin and New Orleans for two weeks. I'm all stocked up on 600, but my SX-70 stopped working today. I'm trying desperately to find a camera to shoot with in Austin and N.O., but haven't had much luck. Any suggestions? Can I buy a camera from you? Can I borrow one? I'll be back in town on the 25th. Let me know! Feel free to call if you have the time. Thanks in advance. 401.487.8265