Thursday, February 26, 2009


another non-polaroid post, but i wanted to share.
inside of one of my very best friend's apartment.
i was taking some photos of it's loveliness before she moved out.
it's quite spectacular.
more to come.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

scratch and sniff

oh, how i wish this were a scratch and sniff polaroid.

i went out back this morning and wondered, what the heck that white stuff was all over the orange tree.

well i'll tell you what it was. orange blossoms. millions of them. imagine that. so i grabbed my camera and took a photo. i even saw a hummingbird. he wasn't willing to stay still for a picture.

it smelled amazing! not the hummingbird, the blossoms, silly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

me - not in polaroid form

so it seems i may be featured in the contributor section of april's real simple. we'll see about that. either way, when they asked me to provide a photo of myself for the page, i realized all i had was blurry polaroids, or polaroids with my face crossed out with a sharpie. neither of which felt appropriate to me. so i convinced a very reluctant andrew to grab the 5 d and take some super cheesy shots of me. i tortured him! he'd take some photos and then i'd be like "ok, ok come here. let me check them. oh no, honey. this isn't good. look at my hand there, look at my posture. you didn't get my whole boot in." he was surprisingly calm about this (usually my rousing, well, rouses him). we only had to come in and out of the house 4 times and then i ended up using mostly the photos from the very first time. my oh my, when did i get so bossy? don't answer that! wait, that was bossy, too, right? yikes. don't answer that either! anyway in the effort to share with you my life through blogging (that's what i'm doing here). i give you these three photos: pensive jen, accessorizing jen and come hither jen. i think i might have actually sent the polaroids, too. now i can't remember. what else is new?

ok. that's all. have a great day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

wish i were there

sitting at norma's at the parker palm springs.
eating delicious blueberry pancakes that cost $18 (and worth every last cent.)
getting ready to relax by the pool, drink yummy drinks (that also cost about $18 and also are worth every last cent).

but i'm not.

i'm here.

it's cloudy.

and reality is staring me in the face.

go away, reality. you kinda suck.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

inspiration: found

obvious inspiration here. i took this on a catalog shoot. funny how stuff gets into your brain and you don't even realize it. i'm usually too busy worrying about the stuff that goes out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

how colors connect & photos become friends

i was going through one of my many boxes of polaroids, (i know, i shouldn't keep them piled in boxes, i know, i know, i know.) these two kind of joined each other. funny how that worked out. photo friends, i guess.

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentine's day

a day early, but you're worth it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my camera

so here's the scoop. my polaroid camera of choice is the 680 slr. it is a later generation of the more popular sx-70. i think it is much better, but i'm biased. i'm in love. blinded by 680 love. this guy talks about the 690 slr, which is basically a reissue of the 680. he's got lots of information. a lot more than what i have. i actually pride myself on having as little information as possible. i feel lighter that way. oh, and i should mentioned that i was introduced to the 680 by a really great guy named mike slack. i saw his first book ok ok ok and fell in love with his photos. i thought they must be medium format or something, and just had to contact him to find out. i got his email address and it turned out that he lived around the corner from one of my best friends. he had me over to show me his camera (that is note code for something dirty), his shots, self timer, close up lens, and this amazing video. i was hooked! so i went on ebay and got myself a 680 (they were much more attainable then -- 2003-ish) and started shooting. i took my camera with me everywhere from up the street to palm springs to australia. those photos were the only souvenirs i needed. then i kind of stopped for a while. i got really busy styling, and our apartment got almost no natural light. it was kind of sad, actually. but alas, a stroke of good luck. andrew and i bought a house about a year and a half ago. it was bright, light, airy - - all that good stuff. the first thing we did before we moved in was have all of the hardwood floors painted white. WOW! and so the stage was set. i could take photos all day long. i started saying no to jobs, just so i could sit around and take photos, scan them, put them on flickr and shortly after onto my new blog, that is no longer so new. and now here i am telling you about all of it. so strange, especially since i am no expert. that being said, i am always happy to try to answer any questions. it just might take 6 - 8 months. i am a major procrastinator. so that's a little bit about that. hope it helps. oh, and if you have any questions, just comment on this post. i promise to respond. i can't promise that about any of the other posts, but this one - - i promise.

Monday, February 9, 2009

i wanted to share this

zooey in so cute! more here and buy it here.

ps. tomorrow i'll tell you more about my camera, film, etc. i've received a lot of questions via comments and i am bad, i mean really, really bad about responding to comments.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


the insomnia i have been eluding for a while, caught up with me last night.

i had a nightmare that i was drawn into a dog breeding ring. but not normal dogs, really, really huge black dogs that were kind of like rottweilers, but bigger and they had saliva dripping off of their teeth (saliva on teeth = really mean). thankfully i had partners in the ring. one of whom was kevin federline, and he was actually quite lovely. no attitude and very little talk of brit brit. also, there were some old friends from elementary school there too, but we didn't talk. then everyone kind of left and i found myself face to face with one of the largest, most angry dog of the bunch. then i realized i was in the parking structure from the episode of seinfeld where they lose their car in the parking structure and jerry has to pee. and jerry and kramer were there, and i called out to them, "help, help!!" and the dog was trying to eat me. barking and seething, and i just kept smacking it away and yelling help. kramer just looked at me, but he didn't come help. then, i woke up. wide awake. 2:30.

that's all.