Sunday, March 14, 2010

nothing to say

if you haven't noticed, i've got nothing to say. and actually, that's inaccurate. i've got plenty to say, but only a limited amount of time and energy to say it with. oh and i have to say stuff in lots of other places. so it's not that i don't care. it's just that i am out of film, short on time and low on energy. i'm over the "dead kitty" hump. made my way back into the bedroom. still not used to her not being here. sometimes i just walk in the house and say, "here, kitty. here, kitty, kitty, kitty." really only to hear myself say it. so self indulgently sad. also, i have started with a green drink every morning. i am officially cool. i'll let you know if it helps. turns out i have a couple of major vitamin deficiencies. i was hoping the doctor was going to tell me that i was born without a thyroid or something, but no . . .just very low on d and b12. it's quite common, so i don't feel nearly as special as if i was sans thyroid. regardless, hoping this makes me feel better and less nappy all of the time. oh, and i got a hair cut. feels much better, thanks.