Thursday, July 30, 2009

in the garden

i spent some time in the veggie garden today.
pulling weeds.
staking tomatoes.
catching hornworms. (very satisfying)
hand pollinating cucumbers.
cutting down my amazing lettuce that just bolted. (i would insert a sad face emoticon here, but i don't believe in emoticons)
harvesting radish seeds.
and just feeling generally satisfied at my accomplishment. i am finally a green thumb.

Friday, July 17, 2009

too busy to clean

do you see a theme starting? gosh, i hope not. i was meaning to become less busy, but somehow that hasn't happened. we had a shoot here on tuesday, and the kitchen still pretty much looks the same. my very talented friend and stylist, emily, suggested i get an intern. not a bad idea. any takers?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

too busy to blog

apparently, not only was i too busy to breathe, but also too busy to blog. oops. sorry. here is a beautiful zucchini leaf as a peace offering. yes, a zucchini leaf! from my garden! it's growing!!!! i am loving every minute of it. it has become part of my daily routine. wake up, check mail, check perez hilton (to get my "news"), put on sun dress and flip flops, grab garden clippers and head out back. yesterday i even hand pollinated my cucumbers (sounds so dirty and for some reason i end up singing "reproduction" from grease 2 - yikes). so far we have had one zucchini, one strawberry (yum), one persian cucumber and a bunch of different lettuces (been making salads almost every night). i have also already turned a garden misfortune into a garden fortune. early on i was very impressed at how my radishes were growing. i had never seen radish leaves that big. i must be an amazing gardener. then i thought to myself, "self, this is too good to be true." so i took myself to the computer and googled large radish leaves. not good - - bad. it was too hot for radishes (i kinda knew that, but i wanted radishes gosh darnit), so they never "took." the plant is now huge as i am letting it go to seed and will attempt to harvest the seeds and plant them later in the year. the good part is that i read you can make pesto from the leaves. you can. it's delicious. so all was not lost. ok. i have to run (i will literally get up from the computer and run) and start my busy day of not breathing. bye.

ps. if anyone knows a good veggie garden blog, please oh please let me know.