Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the picture of this yellow dress

is featured in this really cool set from chronicle, curated by this lovely and talented lady.

what are you waiting for? go get you some.

Monday, August 17, 2009

long beach swap meet

dear long beach swap meet.

you are my very favorite swap meet. i love you, long beach swap meet, but i beg of you not to tell the others (pcc, rose bowl, santa monica, torrance . . .). it's just that you never disappoint. you are always there for me (at least you are on the third sunday of every month). you feed me with your soft pretzels and semi-flat pepsi and you don't rob me blind. in fact, i always find the most inspiring things at you, long beach, and they usually cost around a buck. somehow this weekend the bucks added up, but that's probably because i have a little project i'm working on. thanks for the inspiration, and the horrible sun burn.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


as it turns out, my brother has a fig tree in his back yard, and . . . it has figs on it. i know. exciting, right? i made him pull off a whole branch, cause i thought it looked so pretty. i took lots of fig pictures and now i have all of these figs. does anyone have a good fig jam recipe? is that hard to make? i feel like it should be easy. please help before they die.

Monday, August 10, 2009

making a move

anyone that knows me knows that the last year has been especially overwhelming for me. starting a business (we just turned 1, hooray!!), styling, shooting and blogging have been just a few things that have eaten up my time and a large sampling of my sanity. i have neglected lots of people and lots of projects, and i am riddled with guilt (jewish guilt, no less, and it's the worst). i wish i could say i am the type of person that rises to the occasion when things get overwhelming, but usually i curl up somewhere and cry (but please don't tell anyone, as i pretend to be quite strong). in an effort to reduce this sort of behavior, i am trying to streamline a bit. so i am doing something i should have done a long, long time ago. i'm bringing becoming a foodie over here. i have so neglected that sweet blog and i want that to stop. i think if i just have one blog, it will be easier and great for you, cause now i won't feel guilty about doing food posts over here. let's see how it goes.

ps. finally got to pick a whole bunch of tomatoes from gwendolyn (that's not a lady, that's my tomato plant).