Monday, April 7, 2008


I guess I should bake some cupcakes seeing as I have hundreds of cupcake liners. For now I am content just taking pictures of them. I was inspired by a group on flickr called organized collection. Check it out here.


Keri said...

I've been a lurker on your blog for a while because I LOVE your polaroids. So pretty! But this post made me de-lurk to say that I share your affinity for cupcake papers. I could bake cupcakes everyday for 3 months and still have some left (or at least pretty close). I love your gingham-looking ones! I've never seen those before!

erinchunk said...

hi..i'm one of your silent reader.i read your blog EVERYDAY!!i just love the simplicity you put in every polaroids taken.

i do have a polaroids too.but my polaroids doesn't look like yours at all!yours were simple but yet fill with colors =) i bet you must be very good.

do you actually scanned all the polaroids taken? it seem s0o perfect =) i just love your work. i am s0o gonna read your blog religiously.thanks to you.. =)

Brooke said...

I adore those cupcake liner photos! So pretty!

Alice said...

this so sweet and delicate, once again.