Friday, December 12, 2008


i have been so swamped. i won't even bore you with the details. next week looks so wonderful from here. see you then?


All Modern Mom said...

Ha! I stumbled upon this at the right time. I unfortunately feel the same and I was doing a similar pose as this doll before I started commenting.

Green tea with honey has been helping a little for me!

Chris said...

Love this :)

Hope things calm down, and yeah, tea works for me too. Very soothing!

Angel Lust PR said...

small cyber world!! I'm the girl that came to visit you at Henri Bendel!!! I stumbled upon your blog. Lovely meeting you.

Unknown said...

I hate that feeling!

Good luck in the down cycle...I am sure a crest is coming soon and you will be top of the world.

One word: EDIT and DELETE. OK, that is two words... actually three words. I got carried away but you get the point.

Enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog! big love from sweden:)

Nicki's Notebook said...

Aaaw this pic sums up a feeling alright! hope this week is better, great blog btw. xx