Sunday, January 17, 2010

dim sum

just a note about dim sum.
i don't like it.
at all.
my first dim sum experience was here in l.a. a long, long time ago. my boyfriend at the time was taking me to breakfast with his friends.
he was older than me, and much more, well, cool.
don't get me wrong, i'm pretty cool now. i've been in l.a. for fifteen years, so there's not really a choice in the matter. be cool or leave.
then i was not cool. i was 24, a bit lost ( well, way more than a bit. i was totally screwed. adulthood really did not suit me . . . actually not sure it does now, either).
regardless this smart, sophisticated, kind of intimidating boyfriend tells me we are going to meet some of his friends for brunch in chinatown. now i was not in the position to question anything he said. i just did it. i didn't want to take the risk of a confrontation, which might lead to a break up, which might lead to total and complete hearbreak (flash forward a year, risk taken, broken up, and total and complete heartbreak followed - which was then followed by several years of therapy . . . highly recommended . . the therapy, not the hearbreak).
i digress. where were we? brunch, right. in chinatown.
so i thought to myself, "chinatown seems like a really weird place to get brunch." then i thought, "yum. i love brunch. i love pancakes. oh, and bacon. pancakes and bacon, yummmmmm. this is gonna be great. oh, but his friends. they scare me. they are so old, and smart and together. i'm a loser. damn. i'll just be quiet and eat my pancakes."
the next thing i know i am in a giant hall for lack of a better word, at a giant table with a bunch of fucking l.a. hipsters eating chinese food. at ten in the morning. WHAT? i didn't even know what most of it was. i tried to eat it, but ya know my taste buds were kinda geared up for pancakes . . . and bacon. i got through it, just barely. i felt dumb for not liking it. if i was more like them, i probably would have. i guess, over a decade down the line i ended up not being anything like them, cause gosh darnit, i still hate dim sum.

years later our friends in nyc would take us to dim sum and neither andrew nor i had the heart to tell them that we both hate it. and anyone that knows me knows that i am totally open minded when it comes to food. i might like dim sum if it were served at 8 o'clock at night, but my guess is that would defeat the purpose.

my point, you ask.
my point is that i took these two polaroids while we were at said dim sum (is dim sum a place, and event, what?).
i will give this place props, cause it was pink and it had giant crystal chandeliers. now only if it served pancakes and bacon!


vanessa joie said...

I probably would have done the same thing. I still might actually... must work on that.

I don't even know what dim sum is.

Saltina said...

I don't like dim sum either. I think it sometimes involves chicken feet and that is simply not for me.

bri. said...

thank god you are my cool friend.
and just so you know, when you guys wanted to go to baskin robbins, i totally didnt have the heart to tell you that i absolutely hate cookie dough ice cream, i just didnt want to, well, let you down or have you not work with me anymore, or worse, not be my friend anymore.

nah, girl. i love ice cream. totally loved it.

and thank god you said you were so confused at age 24. because my non adult brain feels like it is about to absolutely explode. and with my 24th bday right around the corner, i think this may be why.

well, i guess therapy it is.
and bacon.

love, bri

Anitra. said...

I just adore the way you write! also have me wanting pancakes and bacon

ingrid o said...

this is such a very cute story, i like that you are writing longer posts now!

love the pictures as always.

the purcells said...

that's funny, we were just talking about trying dim sum here - think we might like it though. although we do like pancakes and bacon too, mmm, blueberry pancakes with maple butter and a good bloody mary!

margot said...

I had an almost identical experience when I was in my '20s in Toronto. Still. Hate. Dim Sum.

sv said...

i live in chinatown. and yet really never feel like eating dim sum. maybe someday i will love it and hate the me that doesn't want dim sum. but probably not.

thanks for the story which reinforced that my feelings on the subject are not lunacy.

Jocy said...

I love dim sum, didn't at first, but it grew on me. And I love this post.

Zane Wooder said...

I think that everyone wants to be the cool people. Cool people are the ones that are happy. Feeling good will lead people to feel that you are cool. Take care of your health and live a happy lifestyle and your social problems will resolve themselves.

-Zane of ontario honey

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it either, all that beige deep fried food with slimy, glutinous textures and cubes of jelly for dessert. I can't understand those sweet pork white dumplings either. Gross.

I'm half Chinese so go figure.

Give me Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian food any day!