Thursday, November 6, 2008

cinderella shoes

they were too small for carin and too big for lisa, but they fit me perfectly, so i just had to buy them. 20 bucks at the swap meet. i swear i saw rachel zoe wear some like this with black tights. hmmmmmmmm.


Unknown said...

You do have a thing for shoes! I don't have a clue about them though these look nice!

stella and charlie said...

oh i am so sad. those were supposed to be MINE!!!

Anonymous said...

hey!! i love your blog
can you add me to the msn messenger? because i have to ask you some things about your nice photos!
oh, by the way, i'm from argentina so if my english is bad, please, don't laugh!!

kisses from here
fran- :)

Chris said...

Love those! You have the greatest sense for shoes. But your little story here is more like Goldilocks and the Three Bears...they fit you just right!

Lisa said...

Love your shoes, love your blog.

Elizabeth Soule said...

The Rachel Zoe project was my series for this past trip. Those shoes are bananas! I die!