Friday, December 26, 2008

if you've got about 3 minutes.

the wind and yellow leaves
by me (and the flip)
music by jenny lewis ( i didn't ask permission. is that ok? i hope so, because it is so nice to listen to. it's "melt your heart" off of her rabbit fur coat album.)


ryan said...

permission is for the birds

Nicki's Notebook said...

This is really sweet and relaxing! xx

Callie Grayson said...

I can't wait to get a flip....soon.

kristen said...

i certainly do love jenny lewis, her tunes are a perfect backdrop.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I forget the permission part as well. Your post makes it okay. I love the video, very sweet.

Malwina Gruszecka said...

looks like that flip is a good thing to have,
beautiful song!

marta said...

good to know there are people who would film a thing like that... so good.

Alice X said...

I LOVE Jenny Lewis, her songs are just so honest and beautiful. Love Melt your heart, such a great song on an ever better album.

Anonymous said...

i came to your blog from your website. i wanted to send you an e-mail, but my e-mail isn't working, so i decided to comment on your blog instead.

i love your website. the simple little drawings you have everywhere are so friggin' adorable.
i really like the idea of the polaroids with the words written on them. i like that they're on the actual photo and not underneath. it gives the picture an entire other dimension.
i also really like your style of photography. the coloring is great. my favorite kind of photos are ones that are simple, warm, and inviting. they feel timeless. they make you want to step inside the photo and make yourself at home. you feel like the photo is part of a story--a story that you would like to be a part of. and that's what i get when i look at your photos. excellent work!

i'm interested in photography myself, but i don't have much experience. after seeing your website, you've definitely become a photographer i look up to. you've accomplished what i could only dream of doing.

i know i'm gushing like a complete loser, but when i see photos like that, they make me so excited, hahaha.

oh, and your "found photos"...where did you manage to find them?

anyway, i'm done blabbing at you (sorry about that!), but i've bookmarked your website and will definitely be checking back.

Sarah: Everyday Clementine said...

so glad I took the three minutes to experience this simple and beautiful snippet. :)