Friday, March 28, 2008

tabletop props

hoping to have the new prop business up and running in the next week or two. today my friend, jamie and i are doing a test shoot for my photography portfolio. i'll be sure to take some polaroids, too.


Roundtooth said...


Just wanted to say that I am so glad I came across your blog.
I am loving it.
The tid-bits and the photos are wonderful.
Your style is superb!


Joetta M. said...

love these. getting caught up on your blog and as always am inspired:)

marta said...

Your photos make me feel as if I was inside a soap bubble.

Anonymous said...

fabulous! I can't wait to see and hear all about it. and paris is creeping up too! very exciting time. px

Anonymous said...

good luck with your new business! seems like you have a lot in store!

Colourspace said...

love this shot : )
sad about polaroid too.